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この わ じさつ の ぬわさ  たのしい?

そこ わ すべて が かなう に わ?

RECOUNTING ; a music journal
26 May
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  • recounting@livejournal.com
むね を きりさいて ながれる ち の さえ りゆう が ひつよう そう だろう → RECOUNTING // at your service?
Welcome to recounting, the music sharing journal of bloodnblack. Don't be surprised if this abruptly turns into a fandom journal of some kind, because the woman in charge is a ho like that. The purpose of this journal is to not only have some place to dump music on the web where it won't be deleted just in case of a computer crash, but to share it as well. Music is a gift, why can't the rest of the world enjoy it too?
ひと と わ くずつける こと で うやされて ゆく の だろう →→ A MUSIC JOURNAL // here for you?
There are a few rules, though, before we get started. Firstly, this journal is not open to requests for me to find you music. Where I find a lot of mine is mp3_share and jmusic_uploads. A request to see if I have something is fine, but please don't ask for me to find you shit. I won't. End of story. Secondly, don't bug me at my other journal about this one. If I haven't updated in a while, I have a reason for it. And lastly, since I know a few people who've been fined for sharing music on the web and downloading it respectively, it'd be nice to be somewhat discreet.
とおい め を してる の わ かぜか な? →→→ DOWNLOAD WITH LOVE // the feds are after you?
♥♥ Go crazy ♥♥
むね の おくそこ わ わからない こと で じぶん を いつわら そう だろう? いつか わ わかり あえる の か もとめてない の わ きみ?